Angkor Wat

Few words can actually really describe the ‘aweness’ and beauty and majesty of the Angkor region. It is a complex of temples that spans the size of Manhattan. Of the 220 temples in the region, only 45 are still in use today. I felt like a true explorer climbing around the temples that are crumbling in many places and being reconstructed in others.

Angkor Wat is perhaps the most famous of the temples with centuries of history gracing the sandstone walls in etched murals. It took 40 years and 2 million people to build. Crawling through the narrow sandstone hallways and climbing up small steep stairs are the only way to truly embrace the magnitude of this incredible and sacred architecture.

Offering blassings

Somewhere on the East side of the temple, I found a little boy lighting incense and praying. I spent one of those magical, unforgettable moments with him as he showed me how to pray for blessings. It was such a delight and very peaceful to be in an ancient temple offering my prayers.

Monk outside of Angkor Wat

The outside of the Angkor Wat complex is as fascinating as inside the crumbling walls. Monks chanting for the late King who died in mid-October are on one lawn while monks finding solitude are on another.

Ta Prhom Temple

Also within the Angkor region is the Ta Prhom temple complex where I spent enjoying a beautiful sunrise. This temple was made famous by the movie Tomb Raiders. Here, huge Sprung trees are enveloping the walls and monuments. Standing here, I feel like I am standing in the center of an ancient time. It is quiet and beautiful and my imagination takes me to another place and time in this world.

The sights at the Angkor region are really captivating. It absolutely stops me in my tracks to fathom the magnitude of what my eyes see.


Nuns at Angkor Wat
Angkor Wat
Angkor Wat
Angkor Wat