RouteHappy App
RouteHappy App

While traveling in some ways is increasingly difficult with baggage restrictions and security screenings, there are some areas of travel that are getting easier and we will see more evidence of this throughout 2014.

Travel Gadgets
This is probably the fastest growing area of travel improvements — electronics and gadgets are getting smaller and smarter. No more extra weight and bags for cords and electronic devices. This year, be on the lookout for new and improved smartphone-tablets (called phalets), digital glasses (several companies coming out with these), and smart watches. Technology for travelers this year will be more portable and more accessible than ever before.

Travel Apps
Making it easier to navigate needs and questions in real-time, new apps are continually improving the travel experience. RouteHappy is an app that allows you to find flights with the best comfort, or “happy” amenities over price for your itinerary. You can search for things like bigger seats, entertainment choices, WiFi and a combination of factors that will make your flight…well…happier.


Roomer is a great app for those last minutes snafus that leave you with a non-refundable hotel room. This app helps you unload the room to someone else who is in a pinch an looking for one.

Hotels are reducing the amount of included amenities like room service, but many are also implementing technology for easier check-in. CheckMate is a travel app that lets you check-in to your hotel room with only your smartphone. This saves time and hassle by allowing you to bypass lobby check-in. You will also notice a downsize in the in-room minibar, but an increase in conveniences…with one exception…the in-room WiFi. No clue why hotels continue to charge for this.

Exploring the Unknown
Don’t worry, Las Vegas and Disneyland will never go out of style, but in 2014 travelers will also seek-out unique destinations. In part to avoid the crowds at more popular stops, and in part to try something new, this year travelers will scratch the itch to find remote locations in the Faroe Islands, Mongolia and remote parts of Russia among others.

Multi-generational Travel
Mutli-generational travel is certainly not a new trend, but 2014 will see a dramatic increase in vacations that include children, parents, grandparents and even great grandparents. attributes the rise in this trend to baby boomers who are interested in doing more family travel around milestone events. Cruise lines corner the market when it comes to travel for multi-generations making it easy to provide simultaneous activities for children, adults and seniors.