Adventure travel is always high adrenaline! Whether you enjoy the thrill of high-wire ziplining, ATV treks through rugged, natural terrain, taking on Class V rapids or hiking in mountainous regions — you can count on two things—using a lot of energy and being out for many hours. It’s critical that you are fueled to take on adventure and come prepared to go the distance.

No matter where I travel, or what kinds of high-thrill adventure I’m getting into, there are 5 food items that are always in my bag.

1. Portable Tuna or Chicken salad ready to eat kits – these small 3.5oz boxes pack a protein punch in a convenient, easy to transport kit for around $2 each. This is my breakfast of choice (usually with a banana) when I have a 5am fishing trip or limited time to grab breakfast. The kits come with crackers and easy-serve spoon. I pack several in my carry-on and suitcase.

2. Protein Bars – I never leave home without them! You will find protein bars in my daypack, carry-on and a supply of them in my checked bag. These are great to carry along for a quick protein fix. Protein bars quickly curb hunger and boost energy when you need it most during extreme activities.

3. Basic trail mix – there’s lots of trail mixes out there, but I go for the very basic nuts, raisins, M&Ms mixture. It is a perfect blend of protein, salt and sugar and perfect for a mid-activity snack. I buy trail mix in bulk then transfer to snack-sized ziplock bags. They are easy to pack and easy to grab and throw in your day bag. I prefer the trail mix especially in hot climates as it won’t melt. Trail mix is perfect for sweat-inducing activities like hiking where replenishing salt is essential.

4. Beef Jerky – This gets high marks for portability. It’s one of the most convenient, high-protein snacks that I use for energy endurance. This is a great protein choice especially if you are in a country or region where protein options are limited. Again, I recommend buying beef jerky in bulk at a club store and splitting it into individual portions.

5. Oreos – I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been thankful for the little pack of Oreos that I slipped into my bag. Originally intended to cure a chocolate fix—these delightful treats have saved me many times when I’ve been famished or faced with an unexpected cultural or tribal delicacy as my only option for food. Oreos come in handy so often that they have earned a permanent spot in my luggage. And yes, after a day of extreme activities, it’s nice to enjoy a little taste from home. You can now buy mini Oreos in transportable plastic containers for $1 at most grocery stores.

If you are an adventure junkie like me, you know that preparation is key for high-energy, great stamina and peak performance. Adventure travel becomes much easier when you have a game plan for food to pack that will help you go the distance.

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