Mt.Fuji-Japan-Photo courtesy Wikitravel
Mt.Fuji-Japan-Photo courtesy Wikitravel

As many couples are in the throws of planning summer weddings and honeymoons, it is a great time to look at a shift that is happening among many newlyweds: trading in the traditional honeymoon relaxing by the beach for one filled with unforgettable adventure.

Why the shift?
Due in part to the increased legalization of same-sex marriages and the growing interest in “something different”, couples are seeking honeymoon adventure tours for a once in a lifetime experience.

What kinds of adventure honeymoons?
-For avid hikers: check out the dawn of a new beginning with a spectacular night hike up Mt. Fuji in Tokyo. Take a Fujiku bus to the fifth station on the mountain during the July and August climbing season where you begin your midnight hike. You reach the summit after 4-5 hours of hiking to witness a sunrise you will never forget.

-For divers: Explore the largest coral reef in the Caribbean as you scuba dive in St.Croix. Share in the experience of seeing exotic marine life and underwater canyons. OR, for extreme underwater adventure, snorkel or scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef in beautiful Australia.

-For skiiers: Hitting the Swiss Alps together is like stepping into a living post card. Breathtaking scenery offers unforgettable images and a cool way (literally) to start your matrimonial journey. In the St. Moritz area, there are more than 220 miles of ski trails. Your romantic evenings can be spent in the hot tub relaxing from your daily adventures.

Temples at Angkor Wat
Temples at Angkor Wat

-For explorers: Nothing beats exploring the ruins of ancient temples in Cambodia. I’ve done this and while the jungle heat and physical exertion will wear on you, trekking through ancient statues and carved sandstone is incredible. The layout of the temples at Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, Cambodia spans the size of Manhattan. I also recommend the lesser known temple of Ta Prohm (the site of the Tomb Raiders movie) in the early morning hours before tourists arrive. You and your partner will love sharing the memorable moments of being true explorers!

Where to start?

-Decide what kind of adventure strikes your fancy and make sure you both feel strongly about this type of honeymoon.

-Come up with a short list of locations that will fit the bill.

-Ditch the wedding magazines that advertise cookie-cutter honeymoons and utilize other resources to find tour companies that either specialize in adventure honeymoons or your specific destination.

-Consider setting up a honeymoon registry. Particularly if this is a second marriage or you simply don’t need the traditional wedding gifts of cookware and home decor. A honeymoon registry is a chance for guests to contribute to a shared experience of a lifetime.

I am a believer that the thrill of a unique shared experience is better than any gift. And, the gift of creating cool memories together is the prefect way to start your marriage off on the right foot.