Due to the very long and cold winter, there’s a predicted baby boom come October of this year. If you are among the pending mommies sporting a baby bump this summer, perhaps it’s time to consider a Babymoon. A romantic getaway before the arrival of your first baby is a concept that is becoming more popular as time constraints squeeze couples. Guess what? Time will become even more of a commodity once your baby arrives.




Tips for planning your Babymoon:

  • When to travel – The ideal time to take your Babymoon is during your 2nd trimester.
  • Get over the guilt – Do you deserve this? Yes. You will have your share of expenses once the baby arrives, but this will likely be your last opportunity for a romantic trip for several years. Take it!
  • Travel time – Choose a destination that requires 5 hours or less of flight time. Since you will be in your 2nd trimester, anything longer than that could be uncomfortable.
  • Food – Investigate the food options at the resort you select to make sure they offer pregnancy-suitable food and more importantly provide access to the things you crave.
  • Type of resort – Look, from this point forward you will be spending your vacations at family friendly-resorts and kid-friendly destinations. Opt for a romantic centered getaway or resort because this treat is for the two of you.
  • Look for relaxation – Look for a destination or resort that offers plenty of relaxation amenities since you are not going to be whitewater rafting or hiking on this getaway. Plenty of resorts offer beachside cabanas, image pools where you can relax with a non-alcoholic daiquiri and even spas that provide maternity massages.

The Babymoon getaway is a great opportunity to re-group in the flurry of activity and decisions that are taking over your life. It is advisable to get approval from your doctor before you go as he/she may have additional recommendations to make your trip more comfortable and enjoyable.