There isn’t one. And, anyone selling you a simple solution is stealing from you.

Content is organic

By the simple definition of the term, that’s exactly how it works. It takes time and it has to be nurtured. The more content you write, the more it is indexed and the more search authority you have. By developing a library of great content about your industry on topics your target audience is ALREADY searching for, you are also building brand awareness and trust.

Simply put, there is NO replacement for quality, free content that either provides information or answers a question. After all, those are the only two reasons people search the Internet. Developing a collection of well-written blogs, articles, photographs, infographics, downloadable materials or videos takes TIME.

“Days, weeks or even months won’t produce results that you will be happy with. Be prepared to put in at least one solid year before you start seeing results from content marketing.” (source, Neil Patel, Quicksprout.com30 Quick Content Marketing Tips Every Marketer Needs to Know)                                                

Just anything won’t do

Many companies finally get the message – but they miss the point. Consequently, too many companies fill their social media channels and blogs with a bunch of garbly-goop that 1) nobody cares about, 2) is uninteresting, 3) isn’t shared 4) does not build trust and 5) works against them by turning off potential customers.

If you’re going to write great content:

  • Know your buyer persona
  • Do keyword research to know exactly what your audience is searching for – don’t guess
  • Do content analysis to understand your strengths and weaknesses compared to your competition –find your niche
  • Write, write, write and write some more

If you’re not a writer—don’t write. Hire it out. There’s too much at risk to “give it a shot.” There is a reason content marketing is a growing profession. Writing great, compelling, consistent content is a skill. It is a careful balance of writing for both the robots and humans.

Are you on the ball or behind it?

If your company is not investing in quality, compelling content written for your target audience, in a way that is interesting and distributed in the channels they visit at the times they are viewing – you can be assured that your competition IS.

The companies that are doing it right invest about 30% of their marketing budget to content marketing. This year, 86% of B2C companies and 54% of B2B companies even increased spending on content marketing (source: Content Marketing Institute, 2013 Survey). That equals a lot of content and you’re only going to see more of it because it is the currency of the web.

Bottom line: there are NO shortcuts when it comes to content.