Bangkok, Thailand
The Guy-cation never goes out of style – you know, that once a year escape with your buddies. But now, it seems guys are growing up a bit and using their guy bonding time to get active, get fit and make the most out of their time away from reality.
Of course, even the most noble guy getaways can include the kind of manly re-charge that you can only enjoy with your buddies: cold beer, a great steak, a comfotable couch (or lounge chair), activities that require a show of strength and beaches decorated with bikini-clad scenery.
ThreeWordPress shares its Top 10 Manly Destinations that are big hits no matter where you fall on the Mild to Wild spectrum:


1. Las Vegas, Nevada

Hands down, any man (single, married or happily committed) can find Nirvana in the Las Vegas action. Fine cocktails, gambling and endless entertainment on the strip is a grown man’s playground. But, Las Vegas tops the list because it is a perfectly manly destination for the wild boys AND the mild boys who just want to take in some low-key golf at nearby courses, enjoy the Las Vegas Motor Speedway or just hang at the pool.

2. Southeast Alaska

It’s remote, rugged and very manly. Southeast Alaska is like one giant wilderness man-cave complete with moose and bear hunting. Most areas can only be reached by small aircraft which means few people can find you. So, hit the Tongass National Forest, let the beard grow and get wild!

3. Talladega, Alabama

Rev your engines boys and hit a high octane get-away at the NASCAR Racing Experience in Talladega. Blast your favorite AC/DC song, pretend you’re after bad guys in a nail-biting street pursuit and learn how to handle a car at high speeds along varied terrain. When you come back to reality, you can use your evenings to chill with some great Southern barbeque and great stories from the day.

4. Costa Rica

With some of the best sport fishing available, Costa Rica is a man-mecca for outdoor activities. If fishing isn’t your thing, you can try rafting, surfing, diving or hit one of the many miles of hiking trails. If your daytime activities don’t wear you out, you can hit the popular nightclubs and gambling scene in the evening.

5. Veneto, Italy

This Italian region of Italy offers a bucket-list kind of cycling tour experience with your buddies. The scenery is unmatched and the opportunity to cycle through the Italian countryside is truly unforgettable. For longer trips, try putting nearby Belgium on your itinerary as well. Both of these trips are great opportunities to carb-load at the end of your ride with world-renowned wine and pasta. What better way to rejuvenate your own body and spirit while bonding with pals.

6. Killington, Vermont

If you and your buddies like to hit the slopes, Killington, Vermont is the largest ski area in the Northeastern United States. This tiny town is booming in ski season. Not only will you find plenty of ski opportunities, but great lodges that can bunker you and your buddies.

7. Bandon, Oregon

For a spectacular golf gataway, Bandon, Oregon has become a favorite spot for annual guy vacations. Hit each of the five spectacular courses located on Oregon’s southern coast for a week of some of the best golf and bonding. When you’re not on the greens, you can check out the surfing and fishing activities that are popular in this seaside town.

8. South Beach, Miami

This guy-getaway is a constant onslought of beach action, club action and celebrity sightings. With world-class restaurants and a world-class social scene, this is where the who’s who come to relax and party. South Beach offers quality hang-out time with your pals whether you want to live it up, or just chill at the beach and take in the scenery.

9. Mankato, Minnesota

Yes, you’re reading this right–Mankato, Minnesota. This guy destination makes my list for one of the most testosterone-filled excursions I’ve ever seen – driving your own tank! In remote Minnesota, Drive A Tank lets you drive an authentic military tank through a wooded course where you crush cars, fire machine guns and save the world! There are lots of packages available, and what a cool way to spend time with your guy friends!

10. Poker cruise

The growth in the guy-getaway market is why companies like Royal Caribbean and NCL are offering Poker Cruises for those who want to combine relaxation with a little poker action. These cruises offer all of the expected amenities, but have the added excitement of competitive poker games in professionally staffed poker rooms.