SCOTTeVEST Co-founder and CEO, Scott Jordan - photo: SCOTTeVEST
SCOTTeVEST Co-founder and CEO, Scott Jordan – photo: SCOTTeVEST


If you travel frequently, you always look for ways to make on the go easier. I am not a fan of giant, bulky bags and jackets or the juggling required to manage them. Who is?

One company has revolutionized the logistics of traveling by creating products that keep you organized, mobile and comfortable which is why I am spotlighting them in my Company Profile. Their secret? Pockets.

SCOTTeVEST is built on the simple premise of providing top-quality clothing that ultimately gives you the freedom from “stuff,” so you can get on with the business of living life. The brand creates vests, jackets, pants, hoodies, shirts and even ball caps that have hidden, functional and ergonomically balanced pockets. The pockets organize and protect all of your goods in all kinds of conditions and travel situations with clothing that is comfortable and stylish. Really, they have thought of everything.



Here are some ways SCOTTeVEST makes travel easier:

A pocket for everything

Literally. With clothing items for both men and women, SCOTTeVEST took all of our life essentials (iPad, phone, passport, earbuds, glasses, digital camera, backup power supply, water bottle, documents) and built vests and jackets around them so that we never have to leave anything behind. The Q.U.E.S.T. Vest for men can hold all of those items with its impressive 42 pockets. The women’s version can too AND it features an attractive, feminine “girl cut waist” so we do not have to look like the guys. 


Building a product with lots of pockets could mean more pockets for thieves to pick in a busy airport or marketplace. SCOTTeVEST already thought of that. Every item, from trench coats to puffer jackets to cargo pants offers features like deeper pockets, RFID protection and secret pockets within pockets to keep all of your valuables safe. There is an added layer of protection since most of the pockets are on the inside of the garments.

SCOTTeVEST Travel Vest for Women - photo: SCOTTeVEST
SCOTTeVEST Travel Vest for Women – photo: SCOTTeVEST


Traveling is all about staying mobile – in the airport, on excursions, catching a bus and tackling your next adventure. The pockets in all of the SCOTTeVEST products have been tested to make sure you can do just that. They get top marks for ease of mobility and comfort. For example, it is easy to fill your pockets and simply set the entire coat or vest into a TSA security checkpoint bin and walk through. Talk about saving time.


As a writer and photographer I always carry cameras, extra batteries, my notebook, pens and all of the personal items I need for a full day out on an adventure. Digging around in a bag when I need to be shooting a photograph or interviewing someone is not fun. Organization and having a place for everything makes life much easier. That is the concept behind every SCOTTeVEST product. The variety of pockets available on the different clothing items allows me to know exactly where to find my passport, notebook, spare SD cards and water bottle quickly. For example, the 17-pocket, puffy (but not too puffy) Lola Jacket for women even has a lipstick pocket for quick access. I am checking out the TEC Hat for my next extreme fishing adventure which is a fitted ball cap with two hidden pockets engineered into it with invisible zippers designed to hold cash or keys.


It is one thing to be able to haul everything with you, and it is another thing to not look like you are hauling everything with you. The SCOTTeVEST products (including the sport t-shirts) utilize available nooks and crannies in the spaces between your body and the garment. Yet, while taking advantage of space, the clothing is extremely comfortable, even fully loaded. The clothing items are also true fit-to-size which makes for hassle-free ordering so you have the assurance of knowing that things will fit exactly where they are supposed to.


I am a big believer in spending more for a great quality product because it will last longer, sometimes for life. The SCOTTeVEST items are built with high quality fabrics and constructed to withstand the toughest adventures and weather conditions. These are products that do not trade quality for functionality. It is the best of both worlds which might explain why the company has a near cult following.

I told you – they thought of everything.