photo" www.123rf.comphoto_8484198For those who love chocolate AND love to travel, could anything be more perfect than seeing the world nibbling one decedent truffle and hand-made confection at a time?

I think not.

Here are some the places that should top every chocoholics destination wish list.

Hershey, Pennsylvania

You don’t have to go far to find one of the sweetest places on earth — in fact, that’s their moniker! Everything in Hershey, PA is chocolate, resembles chocolate, smells like chocolate or is shaped like chocolate. This is where Hershey was born and thrives today. Hershey’s Chocolate World is a hands-on tour of the history of the famous chocolate bars and all of the Hershey brands. If you want to truly indulge — head to the Spa at The Hotel Hershey for a chocolate facial and bowls of chocolate everywhere!


Some of the most famous chocolate brands have their roots in Switzerland including Nestle, Toblerone and Lindt. You will find no shortage of chocolate samples at the many chocolate shops and the Nestle-Calliers factory near Gruyeres. Zurich is home to one of the top chocolatiers in the world: Teuscher. The company produces more than 100 types of chocolates using generations-old recipes. The chocolates have only the freshest, natural ingredients (cocoa, fruits, marzipan and nuts) and no chemicals or additives.


You will find some of the world’s most creative and innovative chocolatiers in Belgium where they take chocolate-making very seriously. Brussels and Bruges have museums on the history and evolution of chocolate. For some of the finest chocolate you will ever taste, seek out Burie Chocolate in Antwerp and Laurent Gerbaud in Brussels. This is also the home of Godiva – the name synonymous with chocolate. Godiva got it’s humble start in Brussels.


The Chocolate Coast in the Paria Peninsula of Venezuela churns out one of the rarest types of coco beans called the criollo. The best chocolate comes from the best ingredients you can find, so if the criollo is in it- you know it’s top quality. There are many locally run farms that are happy to give you a taste! El Rey is one of the finest chocolate manufacturers with a world-wide customer base and boasts its use of fine Venezuelan cocoa beans.


When you think of Cadbury, you cannot help but conjure images of those famous and delicious gooey-filled eggs. A visit to Cadbury World in Birmingham, England is your best stop for getting up close to the people and machines responsible for the famous chocolate. Don’t worry, there are plenty of samples too.


Why just eat chocolate when you can learn how to make something fabulous from it in an exotic location? The Lenotre Culinary School in Paris hosts a cocoa cooking class where you learn to make things like chocolate tarts, chocolate shortbread and chocolate hazelnut meringue. If you are more into eating chocolate than making it, check out Richart chocolates which uses very refined ingredients and offers creative flavors and designs that are almost too pretty to eat.


It’s too hot for chocolate in the Caribbean right? Not in Grenada where you will find some of the most authentic chocolate at the Grenada Chocolate in the remote forest. The operation is a local business co-op with native families who help grow, harvest and process cocoa beans by hand. Even the electricity they use is solar-powered. The end product is an organic dark chocolate that is used for candy bars and other delicious products.