One of the first things I ask people when they tell me they want to take part in any kind of adventure experience is, what’s your gear?

Woolx Merino wool garments
Woolx Merino wool garments

Whether you are ziplining, BASE jumping, rafting, climbing, swimming or extreme fishing, the proper gear makes it possible to perform at your peak. I am a brand ambassador for Woolx, which makes 100% Australian Merino Wool garments built for extreme adventure.

The high quality and high performance garments, made for both men and women, can withstand extreme heat and cold. With three levels of garments (lightweight, mid-weight and heavyweight) constructed with an extremely soft and comfortable weave, I can last for hours in the elements no matter what I am doing. I have aligned myself with Woolx because I am truly impressed with their garments.

The garments for women have a longer design, so shirts don’t ride up, enabling a full range of movement. The moisture wicking feature is essential for outdoor activities. In the heat, sweat is pulled away from your body, keeping you cool. In the cold, it prevents over-heating which results in sweat that will eventually chill your body. That is an immediate activity killer.

As a member of WoolxInAction, I have used a variety of the Woolx products. Here are a couple of my favorites:

Brooke 1/4 zip - Credit: Woolx
Brooke 1/4 zip – Credit: Woolx

The Brooke 1/4 zip is probably my favorite garment. I use it for everything – hiking, fishing or walking my dog on a cool morning. It is literally an all-season garment and not bulky. In fact, all of the garments are fitted and comfortable, built for your body without extra material that can get in the way during activities. While fashion isn’t my top priority when I am fighting 80-pound fish, the fact that I can sport cool colors like teal and pink instead of black all of the time (the standard for most outdoor garments), is fun.

For fishing, I am also a fan of the merino wool accessories like the heavyweight merino wool hat and the incredibly soft merino wool neck gaiter warmer. Since I am usually fishing in the early morning and evenings, these are essential items that go into my travel bag every time.

Woolx Borealis base later - credit: Woolx
Woolx Borealis base later – credit: Woolx

For cooler conditions, three levels of base layers provide the exact level of warmth for whatever conditions I may face. The ultra-warm merino wool base layers are specifically designed for active people in motion to accommodate the extreme demands of outdoor activities.

At 400 g/m2, the heavyweights are some of the warmest thermals available on the market. The midweights are ideal base layers that keep me warm without overheating. And, the lightweights cover the in-between with a lightweight Mia v-neck T-shirt and a lightweight Base Camp Hoodie.

All Woolx items are made of Superfine Australian Merino Wool. They’re as soft a cashmere, yet hold up to both rugged wear and machine washing and drying. Merino Wool is breathable, and naturally antimicrobial, which is especially important to me because I am often handling fish (have you ever smelled fishy clothing!?).

There is literally a spectrum of comfortable and functional adventure gear for both men and women as well as accessories which have adventurers covered for four seasons. I am a Woolx fan, and brand ambassador and have put their items to the test in many conditions. They will always be in my “go” bag!

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