Top travel snacks
Top travel snacks

Let’s face it, when you are traveling you are not operating on a normal schedule and you don’t have access to the things you need to manage your blood sugar the way you do at home. If you are someone who gets lightheaded, headaches and jittery when you go too long without food, it is essential to prepare for that when you travel.

Here are 3 things you can throw in your bag to prevent low blood sugar before it happens:

1. Protein Bars
Protein is your best friend when you’re famished. Be sure to look for protein bars that are mild on calories (200-300), full of good protein (20g) and low in sugar. When you compare enough of them, you will see which ones are good picks versus others that are essentially candy bars. Pack enough to cover one per day just in case you get stuck on that long hike, or happen to be in a remote location where food is hours away.

2. Trail mix
I love buying a giant bag of trail mix and breaking it down into snack size ziplock bags. The single servings are easy to transport when you head out for the day and they offer just enough sugar, salt and protein to tide you over until you can have a meal. I like the basic trail mix of peanuts, M&Ms and raisins.

3. Beef Jerky
The one thing beef jerky offers that the other two options don’t is that there’s nothing that can melt. If you are spending time in a warm climate, your protein bar may be a little messy to eat. Beef jerky is easy to pack, easy to transport and easy to eat on the run. I recommend buying a large or bulk bag of beef jerky and using a vacuum seal or snack size ziplock bags to make single serving portions.

Unless you can plan your trip around your meals, it is nearly impossible to predict situations where you can have low blood sugar problems. Preparation is easy and these items have saved me on many trips. I also like that these are disposable packing items which will lighten your load along the way leaving more room for souvenirs.