St. Augustine, Florida
St. Augustine, Florida

Procrastinators rejoice! If you suddenly realized that your child is on spring break next week and have nothing planned, it’s not too late! Since your options are more limited and you are in a time crunch for planning, here is a step-by-step guide to help you still look like a hero.

1. What’s your budget? You need to start here first because many of your options will be dependent on how much you can spend.

2. Create a (short) vacation wish list. No time to daydream. Compile a realistic working wish list of destination ideas. If you are not picky, even better as many on-line sites like Travelzoo offer weekly last minute deals on lodging, airfare and cruises as well as package deals.

3. Narrow the list. This late in the game, some of your options will be automatically eliminated because of no availability or options that far exceed your budget (places crank prices for spring break). If you have your heart set on a location or resort that has no availability….call them directly. Many times there are last minute cancellations that may not be reflected on-line.

Kalahari Resort, Ohio
Kalahari Resort, Ohio

4. Scour the internet for deals. Once you get two or three destinations that have availability start some quick internet searches for deals. If it is a resort or theme park–start on those sites first. There are many spring break deals right now and oftentimes, theme parks and hotels collaborate to offer great discounts. Then…hit websites like,, and for deals on lodging and transportation.



Indian Lake State Park campground - Ohio
Indian Lake State Park campground – Ohio

5. Striking out? This is where a good Plan B comes in handy. Time to shift gears and look at options close to home and within driving distance. What about hitting several ballparks in the state or camping out of town? Consider state parks, condo rentals or bed and breakfasts as you consider close-to-home options.

6. Plan-fast! Once you have a destination and have checked on pricing figure how many days you want to go, when you will leave and then book it!

If you buckle down….yes, even with less than a week to go…you can book your spring break vacation in a day. Remember, you can always go to a travel agent to help you find even more options within your budget.