Where in Columbus can you:

  • Exude Buckeye pride by singing a forgotten verse of Carmen Ohio?
  • Find a grave of specimens from an insane asylum?
  • Stroll down Memory Lane?
  • Discover an abandoned stretch of freeway over the city?
  • See the world’s largest gavel?
  • Find rocks with religious ties?
  • Sniff the rarest smelly flower in the world?
  • Watch for a famous magician to return from the grave?
  • Soak up relics from the old National Road?

The progressive pulse of Columbus secretly rests on roots of fascinating, shocking and
bizarre events. My new book, Secret Columbus: A Guide to the Weird, Wonderful, and
Obscure, is a journey of awe-inspiring moments combined with exciting knowledge about
Ohio’s capital city. It turns out, the influence of early settlers and the way of life in primitive
Columbus reaches beyond the political and social realms. This book explores the depths of
quirky facts like what trash-eating pigs have to do with modern-day conveniences like the
landfill and what Columbus Police have to do with how the Short North arts district got its
Secret Columbus is an excuse to explore where you live and play in a way that is insightful,
exciting and adventurous. Nearly all touch points in the city from the parks, buildings,
attractions and sections of suburbs have secrets to uncover if you are willing to look close

As a Columbus native and career investigative television journalist, I left no stone, contact
or dusty historic city document unturned in my pursuit to reveal exciting discoveries that
take you to places you would never know to search for on your own. Turn open a page to
find out about crumbling collection of loving tributes at an abandoned pet cemetery or
secret public hallways in an otherwise guarded building that have the best panoramic
views of the city skyline.
From conception to research to writing and photography, I scoured every corner of
Columbus and vicinity to share with readers discoveries that they can tackle on their own.
Along the way I climbed down secret passageways beneath the city, stood in the middle of a
landfill, learned a few belly dancing moves and traversed railroad tracks and cattails to find
some of the coolest discoveries in the city. Don’t worry, Secret Columbus, reveals how to
find these places safely with a promise to instill a sense of adventure.

For your own copy of the book, click here and prepare for an unforgettable journey through
Ohio’s capital city.