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Travel Tips

Great travel advice makes for a better travel experience. Avoid the unexpected with tips that can enhance your trip.

The Portland Arts Scene

It is no secret that Portland, Oregon is a hub of conservation-minded citizens and businesses. Dubbed “the city of makers,” Portland supports the creative talents of self-made artists who upcycle and recycle the most unusual items into innovative, stylish and luxury products. When I first perused the dozens of independent shops in downtown Portland between…

7 Questions to Ask Before Your First Cruise

Cruises are basically baptism by fire. You figure things out as you go, except your cabin hallway – that is something that you pretty much never figure out until the last day on the ship. It is best to get as many questions answered ahead of time as possible to make most of your trip. Just think, next time you will know the ropes!

How to Combat the 5 Most Common Ailments on Long Flights

How to Combat the 5 Most Common Ailments on Long Flights Traveling is tough on the body. Achy muscles, nausea, dehydration and a host of other flight-induced ailments can greatly and negatively impact your trip. Here are 5 of the most common issues caused by long flights and some tried and true tricks to combat…

How to Hire a Vacation House Sitter

Hiring a house sitter while you are on vacation is one way to make sure your belongs stay safe and your home details, like watering plants, are taken care of. If you have never hired a house sitter you may not know where to start.

4 Things to Know About Foreign Food

Getting past the uncertainty of foreign food can be tricky, especially if local ingredients do not suit your digestive system. Knowing a few basics when it comes to foreign food will help prepare for your next international trip.