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Travel Tips

Great travel advice makes for a better travel experience. Avoid the unexpected with tips that can enhance your trip.

4 Things to Know About Senior Travel

While many seniors look forward to kicking back and relaxing during retirement, others are choosing to spend their spare time traveling. Here’s what seniors need to know before hitting the road.

Do I Need a Travel Health Clinic?

Travel health clinics can be your greatest resource for information and immunizations before you head off to a new international destination. Here’s when to consider using one.

5 Recommendations for Solo Travel

When you travel solo –you change–fundamentally. You become the truest version of yourself because you have no one to impress, no one else’s standards to heed…. it’s literally just you and the world. But, before you hit the road, there are some things solo travelers need to know.

3 Surefire Ways to Resolve Conflict While Traveling

Traveling is stressful. There’s long flights, cancelled flights, lost reservations, difficult travelers, excursions that don’t pan out and conditions that are conducive to hitting your boiling point faster than normal. When it comes to travel frustrations, getting results means keeping your cool.

5 Must-pack Foods for Adventure Travel

Adventure travel is always high adrenaline! Whether you enjoy the thrill of high-wire ziplining, ATV treks through rugged, natural terrain, taking on Class V rapids or hiking in mountainous regions — you can count on two things—using a lot of energy and being out for many hours. It’s critical that you are fueled to take on adventure and come prepared to go the distance.

When Traveling Just Plain Stinks…Literally!

Foreign travel can be filled with exciting new adventures, but there’s a reason it’s called “foreign.” Food, customs and smells in other countries can oftentimes take some adjustment. If you cannot ask politely or just don’t want to ask what it is you smell, he here the likely explanations.