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The world through the lens of a camera is the next best travel experience to being there in person.


Powerful photography can result in unforgettable emotional connections. Capturing moments of human interaction in places far from home or a destination that inspires the trip of a lifetime, images move us. When used to supplement a story or to create a photo essay, strong images enhance the impact of your overall message.

Anietra Hamper is an award-winning published photographer capturing images with the perspective that only a journalist can have. That means documenting a moment or place in time and presenting it with authenticity – not manipulating it with elements that are not there.

Anietra is asked regularly by her travel publications to shoot photographs for the stories that she is commissioned to write. Editors appreciate the variety of image perspectives that she delivers and trust her level of work to accurately represent their brands.

If you are looking for freelance photography for your travel publication, website or printed marketing materials, Anietra is a partner that you can trust to capture the images that make an impact.