As the 15th largest city in the United States and the fastest growing city in Ohio, Columbus is bursting at the seams with things to do but, until now, there were few guides to help residents and visitors narrow down the options.

My new book 100 Things to do in Columbus Before You Die (Reedy Press) highlights the best of the best in Columbus in the categories of food & drink, music & entertainment, culture & history, sports & recreation and shopping & fashion. From rooftop restaurants and dog “pawties” to retro experiences like COSI’s electrostatic generator that is one of the original must-dos in the city, this book combines fun explanations about top experiences along with personal tips and advice from my knowledge and expertise of the city.

Columbus’ diversity draws the corporate headquarters of companies like The Limited, Big Lots, DSW and Nationwide Insurance and national sports teams like the NHL’s Columbus Blue Jackets.The eclectic mix of people, businesses and energy is why Columbus is a product test market for so many brands and has the third most fashion designers per capita in the United States.

Columbus is full of surprises with things like tiny tucked-away eateries representing more than 40 ethnicities and the 200 food trucks zipping around the city on any given day. Then there’s the hidden modern-day speakeasy that comes with funky cocktails and ground rules for sticky conversations.

Go ahead and tackle a “Pancake Ball” or a “Nutty Mallow” once you figure out what they are; show your cool side by saying you hit a Gallery Hop or an OSU game; try yoga in the middle of downtown or kayak past the LaVeque Tower on the Scioto Peninsula. Search for ghosts at the Ohio Statehouse; see collections of work by international artists Aminah Robinson and Elijah Pierce; catch a runway show with fashionistas from around the world or just enjoy Columbus’ simplistic dairy and agricultural roots with a taste of ice cream and fresh-from-the earth produce at a Farmers Market.

As a Columbus native, current resident and having spent most of my television news career in the market as an anchor and investigative journalist, I am still uncovering new and fascinating experiences in the city all the time. In my current work as an award-winning travel journalist writing for many publications, I enjoy the opportunity to showcase Columbus whenever I can.

100 Things to do in Columbus Before You Die identifies businesses and experiences in the heart of the city as well as in the suburbs that have expanded the central Ohio landscape. The book is dedicated to my two brothers, Shay and Keir, who taught me the value of curious exploration as a child. My previous book Secret Columbus (Reedy Press) showcases the hidden finds in the city and my new book gives you even more new experiences to uncover.

While the book highlights the 100 best things to do, I hope that you will use it as a guide and starting point to uncover your own personal bests in the city.

You can get a signed and personalized copy of 100 Things To Do In Columbus Before You Die right here on my website or you can check out my calendar of upcoming public events and stop by to get a signed copy in person. I look forward to seeing you!