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Travel Tips

Great travel advice makes for a better travel experience. Avoid the unexpected with tips that can enhance your trip.

8 Investment Pieces for Adventure Travel

8 Investment Pieces for Adventure Travel Adventure travel is very different than other kinds of travel. You’re often more active and participating in activities that are above the caliber of the casual traveler. For that reason, it is important to have an arsenal of what I like to call Adventure Gear –items that are more…

Don’t Drink the Water!

You have heard the warnings before about traveling across the border: Don’t drink the water! It sounds like simple advice when traveling out of the country, but there some things that can catch you off guard and leave you very sick.

The Sneaky “Known Threat” Clause of Travel Insurance

It is important to understand your travel insurance policy so you know what is covered in case you need it. It is also important to understand the hidden clauses that most travelers do not look for. One of those is called the “known threat” clause.

Adventure Travel: 5 Tips for Earning Your Stripes and Staying Safe

Let’s face it, some of us are wired to always accept the biggest challenge, the longest trail, the most extreme rapids, the highest peaks and the most rugged terrain. Some people are not built that way, but on occasion, they feel an urge to drink from the adrenaline cup that adventure junkies desire. Here are five things to know before you take the plunge.